Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Wide World of Bookies

Since starting my own book blog, I've definitely been exposed to the world of online bookies. I thought I'd share some cool resources I've discovered (though they are nowhere near new to the rest of the community) with my friends here at Books Are My Heroine.

Goodreads is basically the motherload of all websites for the book-obsessed. Like an exclusive Facebook for book lovers, you can create your own profile, adding books to your "shelves" that you've read, are currently reading, or want to read next. From there you can connect with other readers via groups, meet authors on their Goodreads pages, create lists of your "must-reads" and read reviews on thousands of books. You can find me under Heroine Addict -- send me a friend request!

Crazy For Books is also another good resource for thorough reviews and ideas for what to read next. Its also the home of a great network of "Blog Hops", for any of you fellow bloggers. The idea is that, much like a bar hop (oh-so familiar here on campus...), you connect with other bloggers by reading each other's blogs. Crazy For Books hosts them each week, I believe, but as I've learned, sign up early for a spot.

I'm slowly learning to navigate the new world of blogging, so bear with me!

NEXT UP: Review of Ruth Hall by Fanny Fern

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  1. I agree Goodreads is absolutely fantastic for book lovers, I think I use it everyday.
    New follower!

    My blog is

  2. Thanks for the follow, Lindsay! You're blog is cute, I've added it to my links :)

  3. You should check out LibraryThing too, if you haven't already - I used it before Goodreads came along, and I still use it for my main online catalog and wishlist. They're both great resources!

  4. I'm in the position you are - the last two weeks have been all about discovering the bookies online and it's turned out to be a brill community out there :D

  5. GoodReads is not helping my TBR pile at all. Either I keep getting stuff from the library that I've seen and neglect my own books or I find them as used books and my shelves are now bursting once again, haha!

    Have you seen Listal? It's not as good, but it's a similar concept for movies, games, and music as well as books. Flixster is kind of like the Goodreads version for movie lovers.

    Your blog is pretty. :)

  6. You're doing great with your blogging. Goodreads and Book Blogs are excellent venues for reviewing and reading.

    PS Stop over at my blog and say hi.
    I'm having two giveaways there currently.

  7. Goodreads is one of my most favorite websites of all time. Seriously.

  8. I adore goodreads!
    Couldn't live without it


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