Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Inspiration from Kelly Cutrone

I recently picked up a copy of Kelly Cutrone's (Founder of the PR firm People's Revolution, a la The Hills fame) first book, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside. I was expecting a no-nonsense lesson on how to succeed in business, but instead I received an honest, no-holds-barred reflection on life, love and work that was both uplifting and reassuring. Kelly Cutrone has lived an extraordinary life, experiencing both the highs of fame and riches and the lows of poverty and drug addiction. The take-home lesson from If You Have to Cry, Go Outside is that success is based on following your own dreams, not on what other people may think or tell you. As this is a very relevant message at this point in my life, I personally loved this book and would recommend it to anyone who is currently at a crossroads in their life. 

I quickly bought and devoured Kelly's second book, Normal Gets You Nowhere upon completion of her first book. Normal Gets You Nowhere addresses issues in our larger society, specifically the idea that we as a world community have been desensitized to other people's suffering. Kelly encourages her readers to fight back against that attitude by helping those less fortunate and people we are close to in our own lives. Both of Kelly's books are great reads and I encourage all of you to go get your own copies!

On a relevant note of contributing to the fight against suffering, I'm very pleased to promote a new philanthropic effort called Gone Reading International. Gone Reading is a company that sells products such as t-shirts, mugs and other gift items - all with a cute bookish spin - with 100% of the profits dedicated for the building of new libraries in the developing world. Click here for more information on Gone Reading's mission and goals. And don't forget to check out Gone Reading's cute "Jane Austen for President" collection!

Buy Kelly Cutrone's books on Amazon here
Connect with Kelly Cutrone at her website, here
Click here to access Gone Reading


  1. I have seen this book & the others by Kelly & am glad they are not the dry books I have usually read in this genre.
    Now I know to pick these up :)
    Great review!
    Follow Friday@BOOKS & BEYOND

  2. Thanks! Yeah, they are definitely so much more than boring business books.

  3. Oo i like the sound of these! Cheers for sharing - and for stopping by my blog! :-)



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